Commercial Refrigeration Temperature Monitoring Service

Commercial Refrigeration Temperature Montiroing web application and mobile app

Here at SHIVR we developed a new state of the art commercial refrigeration temperature monitoring system using the latest technologies to provide an accurate configurable, proactive lot experience. Our goal is to provide our customers with the peace of mind knowing SHIVR is committed to protecting your investments, preventing you from the sudden, frustrating breakage of your commercial and personal devices. We developed a modern dashboard where you can modify sensor's settings settings, view historical data, and add alert contact methods like email and text!


Services that are included with our monthly plan

24hr TEMPERATURE Monitoring

Our sensors utilize new technologies to ensure that they are reliable, secure, and accurate.

Auto Dispatch

Our advanced software can integrate with your local technician and dispatch them to check out your unit as soon as we detect a problem.

Unlimited Notifications

We offer unlimited sms text messages, Emails, and push notifications for an unlimited amount of emails and telephone numbers.


We are very confident in our product and service and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure our customers are getting the best service and software possible.

Software Updates

Our team of highly qualified engineers are constantly improving our software adding new and improving features constantly.

Data Logging

A CSV Report will be sent every month with all temperature and humidity data captured. Our system will even send summary statistics for all your sensors!


Access all of your sensors via our Iphone app and change any of the many configurable settings at the tap of a button.

Android App

Access all of your sensors via our Android app and change any of the many configurable settings at the tap of a button.

Web Dashboard

Use our web dashboard to view, assess and configure all of your sensors utilizing our lighting fast web app.

Commercial Refrigeration Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers

Commercial Refrigeration Temperature Montiroing Data logging email and push notification

Our Commercial Refrigeration Walk-In Fridge and Freezer temperature monitoring Software will automatically email a comprehensive report including summary statistics for all sensors as well as all temperature and humidity captured for all sensors in an organized CSV file. Our software is flexible and will allow you to email the summary to an unlimited amount of emails. Furthermore, our system will send daily push notification reporting the summary statistics for the previous day for all of your sensors. Our software makes it easy to keep track and stay on top of all of your commercial refrigeration units so you can focus on optimizing your business operations.

Refrigeration & Freezer Temperature Monitoring

Where our sensors are used

What makes our Temperature Monitoring Sensors special is that they are custom-built for your unit. No two refrigeration units set up the same. We create a strategic plan to ensure proper optimization and a fail-proof temperature monitoring system. We can come to visit your restaurant kitchen, school, supermarket, hotel, convenience store, or any cold storage facility and create a personalized plan for your facility.


School Districts


Hotels & Resorts

Convenience Stores

Cold Storage Facilities

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