Remote Monitoring leads to Environmental Benefits

Reducing Wastes and Improving Efficiency through Digital Solutions

Shivr Commercial Sensors Bring Helpful Environmental Fixes

When improper commercial temperature monitoring systems are not installed or are not properly working they could affect many aspects of a business and environment, including: 

1. Affecting the environment by damaging and putting unnecessary wear and tear on trucks, fleet and the amount of fuel that is being burned into the air.

2. Equipment is damaged by overheating, under-voltage conditions, and other non-detectable problems.

3. As well, as putting your revenue in danger. 

Shivr's monitoring systems detect HVAC failures, rising heat levels, seasonal shifts and could even prevent fires from overheating systems. Not only does a preventative system help you and your business, you are also providing a service for the community by being prepared and thinking ahead. There is NO better relief, than closing up after hours and knowing all will be protected, until business hours resume. With our 24/7 dispatch service, any issue that is detected through our system could easily be prevented and or fixed before any one could even realize there was any issue at all. 

Remote monitoring systems have significantly begun to grow and have begun to intergrate themselves into ever commercial industry and business. One way remote monitoring is beneficial to all commercial environments is the abilty to help reduce food waste of any kind. Food wastes have increased within the years, through the lack of improper monitoring of all food systems and temperatures. One may have the smartest, well-intentioned staff, but without the proper tools and systems, no one could possibily properly manage the large amount of inventory a business contains. Poor situational awareness occurs when your remote monitoring system is not correctly designed, installed and provisoned. That is why here at Shivr, we strive for perfection and nothing less. We have cultivated and built our systems to not only be beneficial to you, but equally as beneficial to our environment. We do this all with keeping in mind, cost efficiency and minimal maintenance for you. 

Our engineers and technicians work hard every day, to ensure every aspect of your business and our service is nothing less than 100% satisfaction always. Not a day goes by that we don't work and analyze our own work to always achieve maximum success in all our monitors. Shivr Commercial Monitoring Systems are state of the art, and are perfected by highly skilled engineers. 

Contact us today at to learn more about what we could do for you and your business, or follow us on Instagram @shivrtech to see our latest work and installation, as well as satified customers! 

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