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HVAC Maintenance and Shivr Sensors

Shivr sensors pave the way to new commercial

What is HVAC, and what does it stand for, and how does our Shivr senors help you daily? You have more than likely seen this abbrevation around your city multiple times in your life, especially if you're in the industiral service industry.

HVAC stands for:

H: Heating 

V: Ventilation 

A: Air 

C: Conditioning

In simple terms, it is the biggest part of each operation, the main focus when it comes to keeping the business running with fresh cool air, to warm toasty air, to most importantly keeping all foods at proper temperatures. It all goes hand in hand. That is why Shivr is committed to helping building owners, propery managers, and facility professionals, lower their operating expenses throuhg HVAC preventive maintenance, with our high-tech commerical sensor temperature monitors. That is why it is crucial to any business to always keep up their maintenance with their HVAC system's. Each season can bring forth new unforeseen issues and we want YOU to be prepared. Utitlzing our services to its fulluest extent can help preserve your refrigerators and appliances. Our preventive system has helped over hundreds of small and large business owners save money. 

Here are 3 simple tips to always making sure your operation is running at its full potential: 

1) Check your filter 

2) Check for leaks

3) Maintain the area around your system clean and free of debirs 

4) Schedule maintenance

We are proud to announce that Shivr has teamed up with major refrigeration companies servicing Norhtern and Souhtern California, such as Vartan's Refrigeration. With our partnership, you can always gurantee, that you will have somone you can depend on. We have delveloped a cost-effective, customized preventive maintenance plan for hundreds of commercial buildings and resturants, that have provided peace of mind, improved comfort and hundreds of dollars in energy savings. We use modern technology to keep your operation running.

Our attention to detail and implementation of effective management systems has been one of the keys to our growth and success. To learn more about the importnace of installing Shivr senors and HVAC Preventive Maintenance, please feel free to contact us today at All our customers receive priority service with 24/7 emergency serives. Check us out on Instragram:@shivrtech 


We look forward to working with you and helping you in all your commercial refrigeration needs!! 

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