Importance of Commercial Refrigeration Data-Logging

Shivr Sensors Prevent Expensive Downtime

The importance of proper commercial refrigeration  data logging for commercial refrigeration units

If you are responsible for all monitoring and checking temperatures of food products while working, you know you can't keep watch over it 24/7. A huge part of food safety is properly storing refrigerated food items and regulating temperatures. If one is simply trusting the thermometer reading on your refrigerator, then you may want to consider taking this one step further. Manual data-logging may sound easy, but we all know that during rush hours one may forget to log or even get lost between the times, while employees are concerned about taking care of customers along with many other tasks that may be required of them. While using a monitoring system that includes a data-logger, you and your business are taking your company to the next level. Providing yourself that extra help in times of need. With a system like this, you are immediately notified when a sensor is detecting readings that go outside of the preset range. This key feature reduces the costs and consequences of business disruptions, repairs, and replacement equipment. Using a data-logging system, it will automatically record information and identify trends and patterns in equipment performance and environmental conditions. Our sensors are equipped to be able to show an insight into potential problems that could be addressed before the problem grows.

That is why Shivr has created a system that data-logs for you, all the temperatures and humidity, to maintain operational efficiency and prevent costly downtime. Our Shivr team has spent years perfecting our system before we launched it to the market. Perfecting, engineering and designing solutions to overcome all challenges to making data-logging and monitoring an easy and reliable integration into your business operations. Shivr has designed solutions that are always customizable. Our systems monitor and record this data and transmit it to our cloud software that can be automatically generated and viewed from anywhere and anytime.

Shivr provides restaurants and all companies the peace of mind knowing that their business equipment is always performing optimally and that any temperature fluctuations can be monitored, recorded and handled with immediate alerts and notifications. We lift the burden off you so you can remain focused on other important tasks. Most importantly, our systems are high-quality and state of the art systems that are reliable and secure your business of any unforeseen issues.  

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