Shivr is the New Generation of Commercial Refrigeration Sensors

Commercial Refrigeration Evolving Through Technology

The growth of technology in commercial refrigeration

Many industries have advanced their businesses through the growth of technology. According to Forbes, "...To match more competitive and efficient industries, the hardware community must invest in software-driven solutions that reconfigure the manufacturing process from start-to-finish in order to give time back to hardware design and production teams...". Temperature monitoring systems are a huge part of this process, and can help many industries be way more efficient! Shivr is the most advanced temperature monitoring and sensing solution available. Through the growth of technology occurring minute by minute, here at Shivr we are also always evolving with technology and making sure that our products offer the best services. We offer products that are not only fast and reliable but easy to use and always accessible. Through these past couple of months, we have made great progress and breakthroughs with our software. We have designed our app to be the "go-to" source for all inquiries about the status of each of your refrigerators and sensors. We have teamed up with industry experts with extensive experience in cloud-storage, wireless communication, and cybersecurity. From our website design to our app design, we made sure our product-focused on simplicity and reliability. With technology, we have incorporated special features for our users, which are all easy to deploy and require no ongoing software maintenance. 

 At Shivr, we have derived predictive maintenance solutions from machine-learning technologies in a three-way system approach, which includes: 

1. Possessing deep knowledge of the sensor

2. Extracting the required and appropriate data

3. Understanding how application sensors are utilized and converted to usable data. 

Once we mastered those technologies, we were able to build our app and create a system that was easy for the user and was an effective interpretation of quality predictive maintenance. On the Shivr app, you are able to add all your sensors in less than two minutes, and as soon you add your sensor to the app, it immediately begins to show the activity for the sensor and monitor them through any mobile device, compatible on iOS, and Google Play store, or through our website. Our Shivr team excels in taking initiative, and that is why we took our services one step further than other companies. For each sensor, we will automatically populate a CSV report, that will be sent to you and all app users through email monthly. This way you are able to receive a summarized data sheet that has been collected throughout the month. With this, you are able to go back anytime and compare all your commercial refrigerators in one place. As we strive to think ahead, our team has added to our mobile app, a tab where the user is able to retrieve a report for ANY given time in the month, or in the previous months, with different dates. This gives our customers the ease that they are investing in their products long term and we are making every effort to provide a seamless service. Through this addition to our app and website, we have received amazing feedback from our current customers! Our customers rave how easy, fast and reliable our services and app functions! Allow our team here at Shivr to protect your investments and allow peace of mind when you close the doors for the day and head home. Nothing compares to a well-secured business that is always protected, and Shivr will protect your investments!

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