Proper Commercial Refrigeration Temperatures

Why monitoring commercial refrigerators is essential to success of any food business

Proper Commercial Refrigerator Monitoring Solutions

While running any operation, one must always know and fully understand the safety and regulations that come with running a business. For any business that sells food, one must know and pass all food and safety regulations. One important regulation is the proper temperatures for products being stored. Understanding proper temperature settings for your refrigerators is essential knowledge for any foodservice with walk-in coolers, reach-in refrigerators, or any food prep stations. Keeping products stored properly will maintain the quality of the food and protect your customers from undetectable illnesses. Bacteria on products grow rapidly and enters the "danger zone" at between 40 F and 140 F. Ensuring that all your food products are being properly handled during all movements throughout the day and kept in the correct temperature range is vital to food safety. FDA mandates that all commercial refrigeration is kept at or below 40 F. Another reason why Commercial Refrigeration sensor monitoring is essential is that low food can go above the set temperature, it can also dip below the threshold temperature, which is below 36 F, which can cause freezing in certain types of food, which results in poor taste, quality, appearance, and texture. Also knowing that temperatures that go above 40 F will and can promote the growth of bacteria. That is why the ideal refrigeration temperature is 38 F. 

It is also important to understand that any Commerical Refrigeration unit range in sizes and configurations. Meaning, not all units are the same, nor do they store all the same products. Though Commercial Refrigerators do come with a thermometer, they aren't always accurate in the sense that they can fluctuate significantly during high usage times, such as constant and opening of the refrigerator door. This fact is important to understand and pay close attention to when it comes to maintaining your operations performance. It is always important to monitor closely and take in all these factors.

With Shivr sensors you can set the threshold at 38 F and the minute that our sensors detect anything other than the set temperature it will automatically notify you and us, providing you with one less headache. With our auto-dispatch system, we will tackle the problem head-on and get the issue resolved before the days end. Constantly checking and recording manually can cause errors, that is why we offer automated refrigerator monitoring solution that take away the stress from you.

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