Temperature Monitoring Commercial Units

Commercial Temperature Monitoring Is important for any Operation

Shivr Temperature Monitoring Commercial Unit IOS apps

Have you ever lost thousands of dollars due to your Commercial Refrigeration unit failing? If your Commercial Refrigeration system fails, the clock starts ticking. Here at Shivr we have done studies to prove that Commercial Refrigeration monitoring systems are necessary for a successful business. We know a few minutes can make all the difference between protecting and losing your inventory. Complying with proper food safety and regulations has never been easier. Shivr sensors take away all mistakes, no more manual labor spent on taking temperatures of products every few hours, no more notebooks or lost data logging times. Our sensors provide the ability to cut down on manpower, human error, and data entry error, we automatically transmit the data to the cloud every 10 minutes; where you are able to view in your custom dashboard displayed in a graph and see how your systems are operating virtually everywhere, anytime.

We know each business has a unique refrigeration setup and that is why your Commercial Refrigeration monitoring system should be too. That is why we created our systems to be completely customizable, where you can go in and adjust time and temperature thresholds for sending out alerts if there is a temperature breach. As well as specify exactly who gets these alerts and across which devices, up to as many devices as you wish, because we know it takes a team to run a successful business. As a business owner, it is always important to have your units monitored and frequently have you technicians come out to clean/run a routine checkup on your compressors, walk-ins, coolers on a monthly basis.

Our sensors are built by industry experts who have extensive experience in wireless communication, cloud storage, and everything that has to do with refrigeration. We created a system to prevent all your worries and unforeseen breakages that is easy to deploy and requires no ongoing software maintenance, all in which are extremely reliable and smart. The main component that takes us one step ahead of everyone is that we ensure our software connects immediately with your technician before anyone could truly notice the unit is down. 

Here is a breakdown of exactly how it works:

1. Our Shivr sensor(s) detects an issue with your Commercial Refrigeration unit.

2. Push notification and text messages are sent immediately to all registered devices. Emails are also sent to all of your specified contacts.

3. Your Commercial Refrigeration technician of choice is automatically alerted and dispatched via our software to fix the downed unit.

4. Once the unit has been fixed, you are alerted that everything has returned back to its normal temperatures.

5. This is all done within the same day of the downed unit.

What many fail to understand is that if you do not resolve an issue with your commercial unit immediately it can propagate to a myriad of problems down the line causing you thousands of dollars in lost product. We provide a fully built out web application, IOS, Android, Ipad, and Android Tablet apps available on the app store and google play store. This way you can check all of your units anywhere giving you peace of mind and an alternative system to replace your outdated unreliable system.

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