Vartan's Refrigeration San Francisco Partnership

Faster response times with quality technicians

San Francisco Vartans Refrigeration Partnership

Here at Shivr we have been working hard to partner with the best and highly ranked local refrigeration companies in San Francisco to guarantee that our customers are only receiving experienced and professional refrigeration technicians. We have recently joined forces with the #1 Commercial refrigeration team servicing all of the San Francisco bay area, Vartan's Refrigeration! With well over 25 years of experience and 100% customer satisfaction, we know our partnership with Vartan's Refrigeration will always be to value and protect our customers and their products, as well as providing the best service.

Our priority is to ensure that our auto dispatch service receives the fastest response time compared to other competing companies. Our Shivr team is experienced and we take initiative in ways that we know will be beneficial to our customers. That is why we have arranged with Vartan's Refrigeration, that when your system goes down, your business is at the front of the line and serviced first. With seasoned technicians, we know that you will always receive the best service, and never be left with questions unanswered or feeling weary. Shivr and Vartan's partnership provides high performance, longevity, and reliability. That is why our customers put their trust in us to deliver on all counts. Vartan's Refrigeration provides our customers with fully-stocked mobile service vehicles with equipment that no other commercial refrigeration company has on their mobile trucks. Our partnership with Vartan's Refrigeration is significant because the following is guaranteed to our customers:

  1. All Shivr customers will be given priority to ensure faster repair times
  2. 1 on 1 licensed and experienced technician who will walk you through every step of the problem
  3. A team that takes initiative to solve all issues
  4. Faster auto dispatch response times
  5. Customized sensors to fit all needs
  6. Fully stocked mobile service equipment trucks 
  7. Guaranteed that a licensed and experienced technician will be working on your unit
  8. 100% customer satisfaction
  9. 24-hour service

Our team here at Shivr would like to thank Manny from the Vartan’s Refrigeration team for putting this together. We at Shivr have never felt more confident in our new partnership and we look forward to servicing all the future needs of our customers together.

Feras | July 26, 2019, 1:58 p.m.